Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Finds & Random 5 Friday

If you've been with me very long, you know how I love nature and you know I love seedpods. This week I found one I have never seen before...the seedpod of the Goldenrain Tree. It reminds me of a Chinese lantern with it's three paper thin sides. These seedpods (according to a little research) start out as green and then ripen from orange to pink in autumn. I understand the Goldenrain tree is most beautiful in the fall when it has large clusters of yellow flowers. I will definitely be going back to check it out this fall.
Just in case you want to know....
The Goldenrain Tree was introduced to the west from China by Jesuit missionary, Pierre d’Incarville in 1747. The tree reached America by 1809 when Thomas Jefferson germinated seeds sent to him by a French friend.
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I'm sad to report that Nancy, at A Rural Journal, who hosted Random 5 Fridays has decided to close her blog. I will miss her and her beautiful captures of rural living. I've decided to continue with five random facts each Friday, because I've enjoyed it so.
This week my sister and I spent a morning at Wildwood, a botanical and preforming arts park. My random facts are all from their lovely gardens.
Fact  #1
Simple, ordinary rocks can be beautiful, even simple slate. It has just recently rained, A LOT, so the dirt and pollen had been washed off the rocks bringing out their beautiful colors.

Fact  #2
Dogwood trees can grow very high. We decided to follow the Ruth Allen Dogwood Nature Trail. It was the perfect time to see the hundreds of Dogwood trees in full bloom. I was a little disappointed though because these trees were tall, the tallest Dogwoods I've ever seen. The only way to get a picture of the blossoms was to point the camera up. When I did shoot up I could only see the underneath of the blossoms, the sun was too bright, and the scene was a little too busy for me. I didn't give up though. I was sure there had to be some short trees somewhere on this trail

Fact #3
If you had old knees, it's easier to go up steps than down! You see those steps? That means hills and hills meant that we were able to get  on a higher level and we could see the trees much better. We were both getting cricks in our necks looking up at the Dogwoods.
Fact #4
The Rhododendron bushes are beginning to bloom and this hillside is full of them. I can't wait to go back and see them in full bloom!

Fact #5
Yellow and red are beautiful together. In one section there are several tulip beds; beds full of gorgeous red tulips.  What was so fun, and it really made me smile, was that in each bed was a single yellow tulip. Every single yellow tulip stood much taller than the red ones.  They seemed to shout...I may be the only one, but I'm bigger than you are!

We finally found some Dogwood trees that were smaller and we were able to take close-up pictures of the blossoms. If you'll come back Sunday for my Sunday Sundries post I'll show you some of them.
I hope you're enjoying your Good Friday and have a wonderful Easter weekend!


  1. Lovely photos today! The seed pod is awesome!

  2. Happy Easter, Cathy! I see you're back in business on your blog! Lovely images and I love the Rhododendron.

  3. Wonderful Friday finds -- spring is blooming there in your area! I love the rock. Happy Easter to you and yours!

  4. Happy Easter to you and your family! Loved your nature walk and the beautiful blossoms.

  5. I have old knees on a 45 year old body. I am so glad that I am not the only one who loves randomness.

  6. Oh what lovely things you discovered here. Those stairs do seem to be rather steep looking and I hear you about going down being harder then up. The Rhododendron is gorgeous.

  7. I love all the photos but I really like the yellow tulip.

  8. Those dogwood trees look fantastic - even if they are hard to photograph! This looks like such a beautiful place to visit.

  9. Wonderful shots! I love that stone stairway! Happy Easter to you!

  10. I love all your finds this weeks, the seed pod I really thought was a bee hive

  11. At first glance I thought that seed pod was a wasp nest, and was relieved to discover that it wasn't! Dogwood trees are one of my favorites - there's something ethereal about those brilliant white blooms that seem to simply float in the air. When I lived in Ohio, the first thing I did after moving into my own house was plant a dogwood in the front yard. I looked forward to its blossoming every spring.

  12. So hap, hap, happy that you're back in business! A great find and great facts. And I wish you and yours all a Happy Easter!

  13. I had to check the calendar--for a moment, with your first photo, I thought we were back in February when you were focusing on hearts! But, since it's spring, who doesn't love rhododendrons?

  14. thank you for the name of the tree with pods! there is one at ualr, near se corner of fountain. I think there is another near walkway between murray park and big dam bridge. the pods are like a huge bunch of grapes,whereas your photo seems to only show one ( left hanging after long winter).
    the bunch looks very nice in dried fall arrangements.
    thank you for sharing your blog. a wonderful mirror of Arkansas.


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