Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Finds and Randomness

It looks like Peter Cottontail hung around for a while after Easter. I found him sitting in the morning dew, soaking up the sun. He actually let me get pretty close. He just twitched his nose and wiggled his ears a little. I guess he was too comfortable to move!  It doesn't matter that I've seen bunnies many times, I still feel a sense of awe when I spot one. They just kind of melt my heart. I'm sure my neighbor doesn't feel that way when Peter hops into his garden!
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 Now the randomness...
Randomness #1
I recently discovered that there is an Anthropology store near me. It's a unique, interesting, and fun store to roam around in.  But, honestly, I've been more impressed with their decorating. The first time I went they used books to decorate. There was a huge book sculpture hanging from the ceiling and down one wall; fascinated me. I took my sister by the store to show her the books, but they were gone. I was a little disappointed in that!  We happened to get there as they were decorating their front window in honor of the Monarch Butterfly migration.
There was a young man there gluing every single paper butterfly in place. A very tedious task, but oh my, it was beautiful!

Randomness #2
Spring has sprung. The flowers have bloomed. The bugs are back!  Not that I have anything against bugs. I know they have their place in nature, I just wish they'd stay away from me, especially the mosquitoes!  There are two bugs on this flower. The first one is obvious, the second is hanging upside down on the bottom left petal.

Randomness #3
In the back of this store which is a small craft mall there is a little restaurant called "Pay It Forward." It's located in the old downtown section of Clinton, AR.
The menu is written on a chalkboard and there are no prices. You pay what you feel you can. If you can't pay, you eat free. If you can, pay a little extra to cover the meal of someone who is hungry and needs a meal. Oh, it's not simple, mass produced food either. It's a delicious healthy meal! They only serve one choice a day; this day it was a vegetable casserole, bell pepper cornbread, and milky way cake or pear pie. They use home grown local produce and the workers in the restaurant volunteer their time. What a blessing this little place is to this community!
Randomness #4
I love to visit my daughter when her spring flowers are in bloom. I went this week and the dogwoods on her property were gorgeous. Add the Bleeding Heart plant to that and I was knocked breathless.
Bleeding heart plants were introduced into England in the 1840s from Japan by the Scottish botanist and plant hunter Robert Fortune.  Other names for the flower are; Dutchman's Breeches, Lyre Flower, and Lady-in-a-Bath. I've not heard these other names (thank you Wikipedia).
There is also a legend from Japan which tells a story of how the bleeding heart flower came to be. In the story, a young man tried to win the love of a young lady. He did this by giving a pair of rabbits (which are the first two petals of the flower), a pair of slippers (which are the next two petals of the flower), and finally a pair of earrings (which are the last two petals of the flower) to the girl. She continued to reject his affections, and, heart-broken, he pierced his heart with his sword (the middle part of the flower) which caused the bleeding heart. (Wikipedia)

Randomness #5
If all my images seem a little bright this week, well, it's because they are!  It took me a few days to find what was wrong. Every picture was bright and with a slight yellowish cast.I sat down last night and went through every menu, setting, and function and finally found the problem.  Somehow and sometime my fumbling fingers had changed my camera to a vivid creative setting. It was vivid all right...too vivid! I don't have any editing programs, except Picasa, to help tone them down, so I'll just say it was a bright and vivid week!  Note to self:  WATCH WHAT YOU'RE DOING!
Hope you have a bright and happy weekend!


  1. I agree with you on Anthropology, many times I have gone in and they will have a bunch of people doing crafts for their displays. I think it would be a fun place to work because of that. Oh so love the place to eat, such a wonderful thing they are doing and I think you find that in smaller places of this country and what a wonderful idea and I know I would go there a lot just so I could pay it forward.

  2. What a sweet little bunny! and what a wonderful display at Anthropologie. That restaurant sounds like an awesome place. I had to chuckle about your camera setting misfortune - been there done that :)

  3. I enjoyed your random collection as always, Cathy. I love your "found" bunny! It's not fun to watch them devour your garden, but they are such sweet, pretty little things, and they do need to eat.

  4. How wonderful to have bunny pose for you! Ours are way too skittish. Yes, Anthropologie amazes and bedazzles ... but it sure is fun! And I loved your 'vibrant' shots! Have a lovely weekend!

  5. Oh that little bunny is so cute. I agree even if you've seen one before it's always fun to see them again.
    Never heard of Anthropology - We don't have any near here but that Display is amazing.
    Enjoyed reading the information on Bleeding Hearts, they are one of my favorite spring flowers. I have both the Pink/White variety and the all White. That restaurant sounds wonderful and how cool that they do that to help others less fortunate out.

  6. "Pay it Forward" - what a fantastic story! Such a wonderful way to implement that idea. Your bunny does look quite comfortable in his spot - beautifully captured.

  7. I kind of like the bright and vivid. I so glad that you are making the most of the Anthro. store near you. The idea of that restaurant is splendid. That might be a cool place to go and write and observe.

  8. Even though your camera was set on bright your pictures are always great. Thanks for the story behind the bleeding hearts.

  9. "Pay it forward..." I like that phrase and even used it in conversation with someone this week who was telling me how a convention trip he is going on will be much less expensive because someone else is letting him and some other students share his hotel room.

  10. I love the idea of pay it forward! Your bleeding hearts reminded me that I have something to look forward to - I love it when my bleeding hearts bloom!

  11. oh that cute bunny!! where i live in the city i don't see them all that often so it's always such a treat. :) and i loved your list...the little peek into to your days. we have an anthro store too and now i want to go check out their window and see if there's a butterfly display. happy saturday my friend. xoxo

  12. A visit to your blog is always purely delightful. I'm grateful to see all of this, Cathy.

  13. I'm impressed with that restaurant, and of course with all your images, too!

  14. Nothing wrong with a bit of bright and vivid. :) Love that little restaurant, what a great idea. And I agree about Anthropology. I love their stuff but it's their displays that really drawn me in. Happy week to you. :)


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