Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Excitement in the Neighborhood Today!

This is a post to share some pictures with my grandsons.
It was very quiet around the house this morning until I heard this very strange noise.
Some type of motor was running and I knew it had to be something big!
I went to the window and took a peek outside.
Look what was driving through Mr. Henderson's yard!
A very big piece of equipment used for trimming trees.
It's called a Sky Trim,
a rubber tired, telescoping, tree trimmer.
He went up the property line and turned behind Mr. Henderson's shed.
Then he stretched out his boom and began to cut tree branches.
The boom stretched out for about 75 feet and could move up and down the trees cutting branches that were too close to the power lines.
The boom will also swing around in a circle.
What was on the end of that boom?
This was!
A great big saw blade.
I guess it was about two feet across.
I know what you're thinking!
How did I get so close to it?
First, I am using the zoom on my camera...
but, it must have been time for a break.
He stopped the saw and there was this high pitch sound as it slowed down,
almost like a siren going off.
Then the sound changed to a musical whine and the blade stopped.
He got out of his machine,
 another man in a pickup truck came and got him,
and they drove away.
He left his machine parked in Mr. Henderson's back yard.
So, I was able to get close-up pictures for you to see.
This picture is taken from the front.
I'm standing in front of a wheel and it's almost up to my shoulder.
Do you see the red thing?
That's his hard hat.
The cage where it is hanging is where he sits and drives.
The piece of the cage to the left, that is sticking up, closes and he is nice and save inside.
He wouldn't want any limbs hitting him in the head!
 This is what it looks like from the back.
Look at all those orange hoses!
I wonder if he has this big wench in case he gets stuck somewhere.
They sometimes have to trim trees in heavily wooded areas and when it's wet and mucky!
That is a huge hook!
Maybe 12 to 16 inches tall.
I went around and took pictures of several parts.
You guys know more about this than me, so I may call something by a wrong name.
There were lots of orange hoses.
It was articulated.
(I'm so glad you boys taught me what that meant!)
It had a blade in front,
big tires,
hydraulics that made the boom go up and down,
and a motor inside the yellow metal box.

 It was pretty interesting watching him work.
Now, I guess someone else is coming to pick up all the limbs he cut down.
I'll bet it is one of those machines that chews up the limbs and makes mulch out of them.
If I'm here when they clean up I'll take a picture.
I was looking online for the name of this machine and found this website
that has a video where you can see how it works.
The video show a new model, but it works the same way as the older one that was here.
While you're watching look for the great big wrench the man has in his hand. It's awesome!!
Hope you enjoyed seeing this big piece of equipment.
Love you guys!!


  1. That is some kind of machine, a Man's Toy for sure. I haven't ever seen such a thing, guess it makes for a fast and easy haircut.

  2. What a fun capture for your grandsons. I hope I am a grandma like you someday:)

  3. WOW, how cool that you got so many photos of this!! What fun to see this in action, bet your grandsons would have liked watching. Hope you share these pictures with them.

    CONGRATS on your newest grandson, how awesome to have another boy in the family!

    Happy Spring!!

  4. That was awesome. I have never seen one of those things in my life! - Jake
    I liked the first picture the best. And the one where the tire was up to your shoulders. I wonder what all the orange hoses are for.- Drew
    I like the big tree trimmer AND I love you! - Josh

    Thanks for sharing! They love when you blog to them! :) Patty

  5. Cathy, this was really interesting. I've never seen anything like that before. It wasn't only your grandsons who learned something today!


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