Friday, May 17, 2013

Differences/Similarities ~ A Sense Of Place

There is no way I can count how many trails I have walked on. That's where I tend to gravitate; to walking trails in the woods. They may be behind my home, in a city park, or in a state park. It doesn't matter to me as long as I'm walking and breathing in the fresh air. At least usually it's fresh,  every once in a while I smell the distinct hint of a skunk in the woods behind our house. I'm really careful and leery when I get a whiff. I usually head the opposite direction!!

When I find a new trail, what makes me want to walk on it? After all aren't they all pretty similar; trees, moss, vines, leaves, mushrooms, lichen, water, stones, mosquitoes and mosquitoes and mosquitoes? Pardon me. Did I repeat myself? They are one of the things I don't like about woodland trails; that and the snakes and ticks!!  I must remember to add insect repellent to my camera bag!! The image below, I just had to include. I was swatting the mosquitoes away and accidently took a picture. Personally I kind of like it. I think I'll name it "Sweeping Across The Trail."
Back to what draws me again and again to the woods. It's not the similarities. No, it's the differences. Each trail is unique, each leaf...

each tree...

each seedpod...

and each rock.

When I go walking my eye is looking for things in nature that are unique and have fascinating textures, details, or shapes.
What do I want YOU to see? The same thing...textures, details, or shapes.  I want to convey a sense of discovery and wonder. I want YOU to see and enjoy the beauty of God's creation.  I saw it and I want to share it with you!

My images aren't perfect. They're usually not edited. (Usually, but the curlicue has been edited by saturating the color to make the darker background.) Most of the time  they're pretty much just as I see them. They are a piece of me that I want to share with you.
Through my lens
I discover the depths of beauty
My soul soars to unknown heights
                            ~ (author unknown)



  1. These are super, so green. Goodness love that moss clump.

  2. I can so relate to your words... that´s way I walk too, I am someway "addicted" to that sense of amazament. Your photos are wonderful. Thanks for sharing, happy weekend

  3. my heart just skipped a beat. This is one of the best walks you have taken us on, both in photo and thought.

  4. Thank you for sharing, these are wonderful. The worst part of summer is the mosquitoes, snakes and ticks. Oh and the heat. No wonder I love Spring and Fall. I love the moss photo, I feel like I can reach out and touch it.

  5. It always feels like I have been on that walk in the woods with you when I see your images, Cathy!

    Thanks for the reminder about bug repellant.)

  6. Thank you for sharing these pieces of " you" they inspire me to walk with eyes wide open; to appreciate each flower, bird, leaf, and to enjoy the wonderful scenery in the world around us.
    You truly bless me with your beautiful posts.

  7. You are definitely a master at finding the most unusual natural details. I love that carpet of green moss - it almost looks like the pelt of some animal. And the neon-glow of that curlicue with its water droplet - quite amazing!

  8. Nice clear macros. Not an easy task.

  9. I just love the way you see and capture the unique details of every piece if nature's beauty and talk about it with such reverence. "Kinship with all creation" comes to mind when I read your blog post...I'm visiting you from FOL and will be back!

  10. beautiful, beautiful shots! i think my favorite is the leaf with the water droplet on the very, very end. thanks for the visit this morning! : )

  11. Living in the desert now, I don't miss those mosquitoes. Or the ticks. But I do miss walking in woods. Your macro photography is exquisite. I love the details you capture. That spiky tree is amazing. Do you know what kind it is?

    1. The point of view on this makes it look huge. The trunk is probably about two or three inches across. It's a smaller bush/tree called the Devil's Walking Stick. (Aralia spinosa L.)

  12. Wonderful shots. I love walking on the local trails also. Helps me think and gives me peace. Visiting from FOL.

  13. What a beautiful selection of macro shots. AND I have never seen a tree with thorns as big as those!

  14. Cathy, your images are breathe-taking! Visiting from Sense of Place.


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