Monday, September 4, 2017

The Good, The Random, The Fun - No. 4

Each month the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program offers tours of historical buildings in central Arkansas. The tour this month was of the Park Hill Fire Station and Water Company Complex. The buildings in the complex, all made of fieldstone, were constructed in 1938. My pictures for this weeks Good, Random, Fun were all taken during the tour.

The Good
The buildings are all surrounded by the prettiest gardens cared for by Arkansas Master Gardeners. I was delighted by these pretty purple petunias. I believe they are Mexican Petunias.

The Random
Rock buildings amaze me. I marvel at how each stone has been carefully placed to create wonderful patterns and shapes. I also love the details that were added to one of the buildings. The lion's head is a symbol of vigilance and strength.

The Fun
The Master Gardeners not only included beautiful plants, bushes, and flowers in the gardens, but they nestled cute decorated houses to add a touch of  whimsy.

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  1. What pretty finds! Thanks for linking up!

  2. It's always interesting to visit new place and learn a little bit about their history. I love those Mexican petunias, they are so bright in colour! In fact, everything looks bright the day you visited, even the stone wall has very luminous orange stones. You must have had a lovely sunny day for your visit. I love the little decorated bird houses!

  3. really beautiful captures!! i adore those purple flowers and the pretty bird house. every garden needs a few of those!!!

  4. ...what a great 'bench of guys' you have!

  5. I always feel that way about cobblestone buildings around here.

  6. I love stone buildings, too. They always look like they should last forever, though a look at any ruined castle proves that's not so! That cute little birdhouse is adorable.


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