Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Early Morning

Early morning often finds me outside with my camera. Not too early, but before the sun has risen high and the heat of the day has come. Yes, I'm already griping about the heat! Who wants 80 degree days in spring??

Most of the spring flowers have faded and fallen, but there's still plenty to discover outdoors. Walking across the pasture I met this guy. In fact since I took this picture I've seen him almost every day. He's a quick one, not very shy, and always on the move.

Jerry spotted another turtle in the mud near our property line. He was huge; longer than my foot.

The real surprise was rounding the barn and finding this cute little bunny. I see one now and then hopping across the yard, but this one was so afraid he froze. I felt so sorry for him that I took a couple of quick shots and left him alone. As I walked away, he scooted under the barn.

We're already swarmed by insects. A mild winter makes spring even harder! The mosquitoes, bull gnats, horse flies, and wasps are out in multitudes. There's no sitting outside in the evenings now! What I need is a screened gazebo. I wonder if I could convince Jerry of that!!

And of course, you can't have spring without spiders. They seem to like the new Itea bushes I planted. I had several to choose from for this shot!

My most interesting find was this fuzzy bee looking insect. I've done a little research and can't find anything that looks exactly like him, but he does resemble the bee fly. Yes, I said fly. He's a large one about three quarters of an inch long. They are quite similar to bees. Not only to they resemble bees, they like flower nectar. I was in awe of his beautiful wings. If you know what he is, I'd appreciate knowing.

UPDATE: with the help of my good friend Leon, I've learned that this is a hummingbird moth. Pretty exciting!  Thank you, Leon!

I enjoy looking for the small creatures that we're blessed with. Well, maybe not the wasps and mosquitoes, but you know what I mean. After all, "the Lord God made them all." ~ Cecil Frances Alexander

I hope you're enjoying every moment of this spring season.

"It is in the early morning hour that the unseen is seen, and that the far-off beauty and glory, vanquishing all their vagueness, move down upon us till they stand clear as crystal close over against the soul." ~Sarah Smiley


  1. I think you need to move to Michigan, we haven't had more than a couple days over 70 degrees so far. I am sick of the rain!!

  2. You just never know what you'll spot on an early morning walk, do you? Your close-up photos are amazing, Cathy, and I do love that sweet bunny :) Hope your spring cools down a bit for you!

  3. I could not pick a favorite shot. I loved them all. Great shot on the bee and the turtle.

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  5. I do love that first shot of grasses shining in the morning light! That little bunny is so sweet. He must have been relieved that you wished him no harm. I've had hummingbird moths on my balcony garden too and I managed to find out their name by doing an online research. They're so rapid in their movements!
    So it's warming up for you already and all the insects are becoming active again. So far, our temperatures have been below average, but now it's warming up gently here too and will reach 20C here today - which is very comfortable indeed! Have a wonderful day and enjoy those early morning walks.
    I had to delete the first comment with a typo as there is no way of editing them!

  6. Early morning is the best, I have always been an early riser and especially now here in the desert. Ouch on all of your bugs now, gonna be a long summer it seems. Yes a screened in porch would help and be enjoyable in your backyard. Butter up that hubby.:) I love that Hummingbird moth, really cool shot. Have a good day Cathy.

  7. I sleep in the morning, I can't conquer that, but I so want to. Morning is the most beautiful time of day, especially when the days get hot. I know what you are saying about disturbing and frightening critters, I so often feel that way myself. The hummingbird moth is a real find and such a beauty. I have only scene one and it was thrilling!! Happy Mother's Day Cathy, have a wonderful weekend!!


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