Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snow Day

It began as sleet peppering against the windows.
Around midnight it turned to big fluffy flakes of snow.
By morning we had at least six inches.
It didn't take me long to bundle up and head outside.

It's a different world out in the woods with everything covered in snow.

The usual browns of winter had turned to almost black and white.

The pine trees were gorgeous, their branches holding layers of snow.

There is nothing like the quiet in the woods on a snowy day.
All I could hear was the sound of water,
a few birds, and my own footsteps.

It was the perfect snow.
The snow fell.
Children got a snow day from school.
Snowmen were built.
Snowballs were thrown.
The sun popped out mid-morning.
The roads began to clear.
By mid-afternoon life around the city was pretty much back to normal.

I want to thank my friend, Katie Austin, for showing me the beautify of the world through a crystal ball. I love snow globes and now I feel like I can make my own!


  1. Snow at last and how pretty it all looks in nature through your shots! I love the upside-down crystal ball image! Such fun!

  2. Oh, I love these snow shots, Cathy! You actually got more snow than our 4 inches here in western PA! The crystal ball shot is so lovely. I look forward to seeing more photos like this :)

  3. So pretty Kathy, I love it when it snows and clings to the trees and branches so much. Enjoy your day and that snow globe is awesome.

  4. Wow, that snow globe was so pretty. I never thought about that before... but you certainly had the perfect snow. Enjoy and then be done. That's the way to do it.

  5. Cathy, the place you live is so beautiful, and covered in snow it is exquisite. At least your photos show it to be so! The kind of snow that sticks to every branch and twig transforms the ordinary world to a magical place. I love your "snow globe"!

  6. Beautiful! Maybe if I lived near the woods, I'd like the snow more. I've been looking for three days for inspiration to photograph in our landscape (suburban) and have come up empty. Where did you get your crystal ball? I love that!

  7. Your world was transformed for a bit. A snowy landscape is so serene. Glad you went out for these lovely photos.

  8. gorgeous, looks a lot like my view!! the crystal ball image is spectacular, i must try that!!!!

  9. How magical, Cathy! I love how the world turns black and white with the snow. It sounds and looks like it was a perfect snow day.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. It looks like a winter wonderland. Yours didn't seem to last as long as ours as we are still digging out. Loving your crystal ball. I think Katie has started something....

  10. I love to see the delight in somebody that doesn't see snow very often, makes me appreciate mine a tad bit more, only a tad bit though.

  11. oh my gosh cathy! a wonderland for sure! we missed out on the snow here, but your post made feel like I was right there with you! xoxo

  12. Somehow gives me that warmth and familiarity of Christmas. Love these fantastic photos.


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