Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday Sundries - Edition 63

For flowers that bloom about our feet,
Father, we thank Thee;
For tender grass so fresh and sweet,
Father, we thank Thee.
For the song of bird and hum of bee,
For all things fair we hear or see,
Father in heaven, we thank Thee.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. I was just reading a quotation by Ralph Waldo Emerson and then I saw yours here! I must really read something by this man. So nice to see those yellow flowers into the distance.

  2. i love the focus, then the fade!!! summers end, but they are beautiful!!!!

  3. Love the quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson. Being thankful is a daily event least we forget how blessed we are.

  4. I've been reading Emerson lately -- he has much wisdom to share. Lovely end-of-summer image, Cathy!

  5. My daughter's garden is full of those yellow flowers right now. So festive and pretty for fall! I love the poem and echo the sentiment.

  6. Wonderful things to be thankful for.


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